Learnify is so much more than a standard online training solution, Learnify is an immersive, highly customisable engagement platform.

The way people gain knowledge is transforming at a rapid rate, and most ‘Information and Learning Solutions’ simply struggle to keep up with the latest trends and evolving requirements.

Learnify is different, Learnify is agile. Learnify can deliver your content, your way.

Learnify has been developed to deliver the broadest range of engagement programmes by bringing together a multi-channel approach for adapting knowledge into interactive digital content.

  • Learnify has an integrated content creator that will build your training content:
  • Create courses, tests, assessments, quizzes and surveys; create from custom templates and certificates
  • Import or export content as SCORM
  • Incorporates blended learning with discussion boards, webinars, activities and peer-to-peer challenges
  • Deliver resources for on and offline use
  • Integrated video channel
  • Built in wiki and great tools for searching content
  • Includes various forms of gamification
  • Excellent support