Spencer Holmes


Spencer has spent around 25 years in professional learning one way or another. This started at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, building a unique learning facility for people with spinal injuries and other conditions and developing rehab and training regimes that were adopted across Europe.

For the last 20 years Spencer has enjoyed leading and participating in a wide range of corporate learning-based programmes, usually accompanying widescale change programmes both to help global firms grow and contract as the world economy has fluctuated. He likes combining the cognitive psychology he learned in the early days with the process and politics he has gained with his grey hairs to help managers achieve meaningful learning results but also keep a level of perspective which is all too easy to lose in this unpredictable world.

In 2017 Spencer took a leadership role at Totem Learning,  helping achieve triple figure growth in the last two years whilst driving a clear culture of fun, a bare minimum of rules but a high level of accountability. He says he’s a “49-year-old learning a new thing every day”. As far as he’s concerned, that’s the best job description he can think of.

He has worked on five continents and looks forward to whatever tomorrow has in store.

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