Mette Søs Gottlieb

Chief Commercial Officer – ELEARNINGFORCE International

Søs has more than 20+ years of experience in the digital industry and has been leading the digital transformation in global companies such as Microsoft, IBM and Forrester Research. Søs understands the complexity of managing constant change, client expectations, and developing team talent.

With globally consistent world-class methods and processes, Søs helps organizations achieve radically improved sales effectiveness. In addition, she is talented at encouraging teams to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

As the complexity and the boundaries of working life constantly increases due to globalization and digitalization, insights into us humans have become even more important for individual and organizational success. Therefore, Søs has recently taken a course in neuropsychology and behavioral psychology to secure sustained business development and performance.

Søs is passionate about learning and culture and she knows how to initiate and maintain organizational learning, maintain and develop the organizational culture, and ensure successful change – whether it is new structures, management tools, or business processes.

Now Mette Søs Gottlieb is Chief Commercial Officer with global responsibility for sales, marketing, PR and customer relations at ELEARNINGFORCE International – the company behind the award-winning Learning Management Solution LMS365.

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