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Using VR for digital learning: Build your own use case

In this interactive workshop, Sophie Costin & Robin Scott will discuss the potential for immersive learning and what you can do to begin applying immersive design principles to your training, today.

You’ll get a better understanding of the scenarios where immersive learning can be more effective than traditional teaching methods.

You’ll end the session with an understanding of the factors involved in developing immersive solutions and copies of our use case identification and project frameworks, which you can use to begin planning your own immersive learning courses.

We will cover a number of different topics including;

  • How immersive technologies can help overcome the different barriers to knowledge retention and application.
  • Which immersive solutions to choose to meet your specific learning outcomes.
  • Some of our immersive learning use cases from Practical Activities, Soft Skills and Inductions.
  • Creating your own use case.
  • Questions and answers.

Use Case Identification Framework can be downloaded using the link or QR code below:


Project framework can be downloaded using the link or the QR code below: