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We are aware that the world around us is changing at an ever increasing pace. The rise in automation and AI has the potential to have a huge impact on how we work and the job roles of the future.

This change creates an interesting challenge for our roles in L&D. Whilst I am optimistic about the change we will see, we have to answer the difficult questions of how do we prepare our people for a world that doesn’t yet exist? I believe that we need our organisations and our people to become ‘change agile’ and the most important skill for the future is the skill of ‘getting better at getting better’ – being able to learn quickly and effectively.

To do this it is vital for the employees in our organisations to have a Growth Mindset and for the Organisation as a whole to possess a learning culture. In this workshop will talk about:

  • What our definition of a learning culture is
  • What an organisation with a learning culture looks like
  • The barriers to implementing a learning culture
  • The importance of trust
  • The impact short term thinking has on our organisations and how we behave