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In time of overloaded schedules, smartphones and on-demand resources everywhere, it is getting more and more difficult to get through to our learners. L&D programs need to be ruthlessly relevant in today’s world. We have to focus on the performance-outcomes and work our way backwards to create learning experiences that stick. The trick is not to focus on the next shiny (technology) object, but build a solid foundation for your learning organization. Meaning, you have to have a good content strategy in place. One way to achieve this is to take a page out of the marketing playbook and use time-tested tools and techniques to create relevant and engaging content. In this session, you will

  • Learn why a content strategy is necessary in order to engage your learners
  • Leverage a marketing funnel in order to deliver the right content at the right time to your learners
  • Learn how to leverage learner personas in order to empathize with your learners
  • Learn how to create multi-touch point blended learning solutions using learning campaigns