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Join Parfums Christian Dior and Teach on Mars for an interactive ride that will change the way you think about what mobile learning can achieve in your organisation.

Along the way we’ll be exploring and exploding a number of popular myths, including:

  • Mobile learning is only for Millennial and Gen Z digital natives. (It’s not).
  • Gamified learning solutions are a gimmick, lacking the depth and substance of “real” instructional design. (Wrong).
  • Transforming to mobile-led learning is a painful, thankless task. (It doesn’t have to be).
  • Next-gen learning is all about technology. Or all about content. (There’s way more to it than that).

Join us in Theatre Synergy 1, and benefit from the experience of Daniel Muccio from Parfums Christian Dior and other marquee Teach on Mars clients, walking away with valuable insights on today’s key next-gen learning challenges and how you can go about tackling them.

Key takeaways will include:

  • How to create a genuine learning culture by getting all generations and all populations involved.
  • How mobile learning could be the Trojan Horse to help you increase every learner’s digital fluency and nail your digital transformation challenges.
  • How a mobile-led ecosystem appeals to managers and teams alike, and unleashes the power of social and self-directed learning.