Seven Suphi

Seven Suphi

Seven is a High Performance Coach, twice published author, and professional speaker with over seventeen years of experience working with business leaders to improve behavioural performance.

Seven has been commissioned for numerous complementary projects including:

  1. Leadership Risk
  2. Women and Leadership
  3. Peak Partner Performance

Current additional ‘special project’ is writing a book,Your Secret Mind, on our natural ability to unconsciously influence and/or be influenced.

Seven is in demand as an expert and has appeared many times in the national media including press, radio and TV. Being the expert presenter of the Virgin 1 six part documentary series The Naked Office and the coach who assisted Sue Perkins to build her confidence at a critical point on the BBC Maestro – Sue won.


Prior to becoming a coach Seven was an employee of Coopers & Lybrand. She has over thirteen years of corporate experience including Coaching, Management Consultancy and Sales.


London Wall

This session is for those who wish to create the performance and financial uplift of having a more diverse leadership team. It will cover the key challenges that can inhibit a  leadership team’s behavioural performance, and how to overcome those challenges by applying proven neuroscience, psychology and advanced mind techniques. By focusing on insights and […]