Lucy Standing

Lucy Standing

Chartered Business Psychologist, Social Entrepreneur, Vice Chair, ABP

Lucy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Associate fellow of the British Psychological Society, Principle Practitioner of the Association for Business Psychology – a professional body for which she was elected Vice Chair in 2015.
She brings her passion and understanding of psychology to the world of business to help people become more effective in their performance at work.

Lucy started her career in investment banking and strategy consulting, before leaving full time work to have a family. Since 2004 she’s worked freelance. She’s also bought and sold a hotel, built a website to share training materials (for free) and is now working on ViewVo – a start up idea giving people practical opportunities to learn about different jobs by paying to shadow those doing them.

Her ability to recall any useful information in a pub quiz is poor and she’s also pretty rubbish at remembering to send birthday cards – so whilst she is interested in understanding how we learn and apply knowledge and skills, she doesn’t pretend to have this mastered!


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