Joseph Richardson

Joseph Richardson

Senior Manager, Global Training - LEGO Group

Our passion for the product is central to innovating how we learn at LEGO group, I have spent nearly 7 years both externally and internally working with LEGO group to bottle this passion, shake it up with innovative learning approaches and then pour it throughout the organisation in a flavour that changes to suit the area of the business and the learners themselves.

I have spent 2 years working at LEGO group internally, focused on building capability across retail channels. My role is to identify and build a globally consistent but flexible approach to learning and development that supports the delivery of a consistent awesome shopper and consumer experience in retail. Whether working on our Flagship projects such as London’s Leicester Square store to working with LEGOLAND parks, to a large focus on our external brand retail partners, this is varied, exciting and makes me very lucky.

Before this I worked as a Management Consultant with a well-known global consultancy where I had specialism in capability building with a passion for making the complex simple and using innovative approaches such as simulation and gamification to work with many global brands including LEGO group.

When you are retailing one of the most successful brands in the world the expectations from the shopper and consumer are high. They want an ‘out of shopping’ experience that goes beyond customer service, tapping into childlike emotions and inspiring Adults and children through how we engage with them in store.

To do this you need to build a different retail skillset which is less ‘structure and selling’ and more ‘Imagination, Story and Play’. Shifting this behaviour without orthodox training programs while the stores are still open…that’s our challenge and we are responding with Simplicity, Authenticity, Fun, Relevance and Flexibility with a focus on embedding learning into day to day life and creating ‘Stealth learning’ which is still measurable and accountable.

LEGO Group have hundreds of physical LEGO Branded stores globally across different channels with world class NPS scores and continuous growth in a world where you can purchase LEGO products from over 90,000 stores in 130+ countries. Delivering this awesome retail experience can only be achieved by aiming for an awesome learning experience enabled by an awesome learning culture.


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