Dave Coplin

Dave Coplin

Author, Alchemist, Catalyst, Founder and CEO, The Envisioners

For over 25 years, Dave Coplin has provided strategic advice and guidance around the impact of technology on a modern society (both at work and in play) in order to help organisations and individuals envision the full potential that technology has to offer.

Dave is an established author on topics surrounding the future of work and our relationship with technology. His first book: “Business Reimagined”, provided a view of a new working environment based on collaborative and flexible working. His latest book, “The Rise of the Humans” provides a further call to action, for both individuals and organisations to harness not hate the digital deluge, to rise up and take back control of the potential that technology offers our society.

Through addressing the intersection of modern society and technology through his published works, Dave is driving a conversation around the future of the UK’s IT and digital industries by helping people to understand and aspire to greater outcomes from our use of technology. Dave is an authority in the industry on a broad range of topics and a regular contributor in UK and Pan-EMEA media like the BBC, The Telegraph and the Guardian talking about everything from the future of education, privacy and online safety, right through to the Big Data rock stars and the impact of Machine Learning.

As a sought-after public speaker, Dave has a tell-it-as-he-sees-it style and a light-hearted approach, which always goes down well with audiences and helps them to think differently about the potential of their future.

“I believe that within every individual inside an organisation lies an “intrapreneur” – a part of them with an innate desire to make things better either directly for themselves, or indirectly by making their organisation better.

Our main cultural challenge is how organisations not only create an environment that supports this, but equally how they learn to live with the occasional chaos that can come with it.”

The Rise of the Humans, Dave Coplin

Dave can be found on Twitter – @dcoplin and at his on-line home, www.theenvisioners.com


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